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Panini of the Month

$9.50 Roast Beef with Caramelized Onions, Tomato and Horseradish Mayo

Served with your choice of soup or salad.

Salad of the Month

$11.95 Taco Salad

Romaine, tomato, cucumber topped with Blue Dog Chili and a splash of grated cheddar cheese. Served with nacho chips, sour cream and catalina dressing.

Wrap of the Month

$9.50 Egg Salad Wrap

Served with your choice of soup or salad.

Tea of the Month

Skinny Genie

A delicious slimming tea. Boost metabolism, flushes away toxins and rich in antioxidants. Black Tea, Green Tea, Green Mate, Nettle Leaves, Manna Bits, Sunflower Blossoms, Red Currants.

Artist of the Month

Each month, the Blue Dog features a local artist and their work, which customers are able to enjoy & purchase

Artist of the Month

Local artist Lizzy Mikulich is our feature artist for the month of January.